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Forging Stronger Bonds: Nurturing Healing and Restoration Through Shared Values

The Warrior's event created a space that fostered communal support, sparking conversations between male veterans and active duty members focused on healing and restoration. Often, people overlook the simplest things, such as our personal values. That's why we delved deeper into the topic of personal values, examining them through the lens of trauma and their significance in our present and future aspirations.

The participants, including the guys, staff, and volunteer spouses, had the opportunity to explore their personal values, reflect on what has shaped them, and learned how to harmonize their values with others to discover new possibilities.

This exploration and alignment with their true core values provided several benefits:

  • Greater self-awareness through personal reflection, allowing them to traverse from their past to their present and towards their future.

  • Insight into how they embody their values within a team.

  • Clarity for spouses regarding both their spouses' values and how they can unite them within the context of marriage or serving together.

  • Enhanced problem-solving abilities by using their values as a team to address community issues.

Understanding who we are and what we stand for brings people together, creating possibilities for them to envision a future state. That's precisely what Full Range Foundation is all about.

We aim to cultivate shared responsibility among service members, their families, and communities to build stronger relationships for healing and restoration.

As we conclude this year's first Warriors Quest event, we want to share some of our accomplishments. Firstly, we successfully secured a location that is veteran-owned and operated, with ample space for us to continue growing and meeting at Buzzard Rock Farm in North Carolina.

Secondly, the participants were able to strengthen their bonds and connections with other like-minded community leaders and members. We provided them with guidance on how trauma, culture, and relationships shape our values, shedding light on the fact that sometimes we live according to what others or institutions tell us our values should be.

Most importantly, we were able to empower them to become more centered on their true selves and their aspirations. The military community is constantly adapting to change, which means its members often face high levels of stress and uncertainty. To navigate these challenges, they must continuously become more self-aware in their beliefs, values, and purpose, staying aligned with their true selves.

We want to give a special shout out and thank you to Christy Hinnant and Brenda McCoy, for addressing the significance of values within the context of trauma and military leadership.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible. Together, we unite and define the path forward!

To discover more about our Director and Head Coach of Mental Health, Chris

ty Hinnant, please explore her story by clicking the link below.

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