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The Unseen Strength: Navigating Motherhood as a Military Spouse

To the military mom on Mother's Day, and to those who have witnessed the slow draining of their child's spirit, I hold a sacred space for you. It's impossible for me to pass this day without acknowledging the pain carried by other military moms who are hurting, questioning why their sons or daughters must endure yet another disappointment, moment of displacement, or feeling of abandonment. I see you.

In the midst of laughter, joy, and happiness, as well as the moments of isolation, loneliness, and feeling unseen, the contrast can feel stark. Through the lens of a mother, every emotion is magnified. Your heart aches for your child. You long for them to feel whole, loved, and seen. You yearn for their laughter and joy to once again illuminate the room, but it feels distant, unreachable.

You've tried to grasp it, encouraged yourself to think positively, see things from a different perspective, and work through it, but the relief is only temporary. Time and again, you summon the courage to say, "I am here. I see you. I love you. Let me envelop you in my protective love," yet they pull away. And once more, you feel the sting of rejection. As a mother, it cuts deep.

Slowly, you find yourself losing hope, drowning in the silence of your own pain for them, carrying the weight of inadequacy.

You strive to comprehend, to empathize, to share their pain, and you carry the heavy load of anticipation for the return of that one person who holds their world together—their other parent.

Military mother, you hold a space unlike any other. You comprehend their pain, their sense of separation, their solitude. You stand firm in the face of uncertainty, a pillar of strength like no other. You're a mother unparalleled, a military mom with a resilience unique unto yourself.

Know that you are not alone in this space. We stand beside you, ready to support and uphold you.

Happy Mother's Day, military spouse.


Emma Martin

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